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July 2012: Link Roundup

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* Here are a couple of great links from Lovely Undergrad. Skeleton keys make great accessories and great decor! I love multitasking. And there is also a big plus to doing a google search on a guy to meet. It can definitely save you some heartbreak.

* Those of you that work in customer service like me, know that some customers can get pretty ridiculous. Reditt has some stories shared by customer service workers from all over. Oh the stories I could tell.

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* It never hurts to learn to be more productive. It’s a problem that I’m still working on. ;)

* And for those of us still working on our wardrobes, Mane and Chic has a great post about it, along with a worksheet to help you along. I’m a sucker for a worksheet. :)

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* I have problems sleeping occasionally. I’m trying to reform my night owl ways since I have a job now. These tips may help out a little. I have been thinking about getting a humidifier.

* And my trip to Orlando has rekindled my travel fever. Here are some great tips to experience travel in new ways!

I’m Back!

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I’m back from my way-too-short vacation! I actually came back Friday afternoon but I had to unpack that day and then I spent all of Saturday doing laundry and getting ready for work on Sunday. *sigh* I’m ready for another vacation already. As I mentioned, I was in Orlando for the first few days for a family reunion. It was great to see the family that we don’t normally get to see during the year. I spent most of the time with my aunts, my brothers sisters, and their families. There were so many kids! lol Honestly, it just reminds me that I’m not ready for any of my own. Even if they were adorable…while asleep.

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We basically did a little sight seeing and we spent a lot of time bowling or at Dave and Busters. That place was amazing! I’m so upset that the closest one to me is actually 2 1/2 hours away. :( We also went to this great little interactive CSI exhibit. It was called CSI: The Experience. It was so cute. Our group got a ‘crime’ to solve and we went to the crime scene and the different labs to try to find the cause of death and suspects. Then you enter your information in a report and figure out if you were right.

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After the family reunion was over, which was Tuesday, I drove up to Hinesville to stay with my sister for a couple of days. If you’ve never been there, let me just say that you really don’t need to. lol I love to visit my sister but it’s so boring there! It is close to Savannah, so that’s nice. But driving there everyday is just not feasible. But we hung out and went to see the movie ‘Ted’, so it was still fun. Then I had to drag my reluctant butt back home so I could go back to work. I don’t know when I’ll be able to take my next vacation, but hopefully it will be soon.


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I’m going on vacation! I can’t wait, since I haven’t had a vacation in so long! I’m going to Orlando for a few days for a family reunion, then I’ll head to Savannah to stay with my sister for a few days. It’s going to be so much fun hanging out with family, especially my sister since she moved away. Anyway, I’ll have my laptop with me since the hotel is supposed to have free wi-fi. I will definitely try to post if possible and I’ll be checking in occasionally. Hope you guys have fun during this next week like I will!

Top Ten Favorite Characters

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It’s another edition of Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s theme was a freebie in which I could choose any theme that I wanted. So I chose to do a post about my favorite characters.

1. Little Women’s Jo March – This was probably the first ‘adult’ book that I read and I absolutely loved Jo March. I loved her attitude and intelligence, especially considering the time period she lived in. I wanted to be just like Jo when I was younger. I wanted to write and open a school like she did in the later books.

2. Harry Potter’s Severus Snape – I loved a lot of characters in this book. They were all great, but Snape always held a special place in my heart. Everything he went through in his life and how he spent it atoning just touched me. It seemed like he could just never catch a break. He was bitter, which was understandable, but he was only human. I literally cried when he died, in both the book and the movie.

3. The Boxcar Children’s Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny – This has to have my absolute favorite series when I was a kid. I loved the thought of living on my own and being independent, just like these siblings did at first. Even after they live with their grandfather they are still responsible and self-sufficient. I loved the mysteries that they solved and the way they always stuck together.

4. The Fairy Godmother’s Elena – This book and entire series is a spin on the traditional fairy tales. I loved all of the books, but this one the most. In this book, Elena had all of the makings of being a Cinderella type character, except for the small problem of her prince being way too young. So through some other machinations, she becomes a Godmother instead. I loved Elena because she was so practical and refused to feel sorry for herself. When she was being abused by her stepmother and stepsister she kept her head up. When her fairy tale didn’t come true she decided to get on with her life. Elena worked with what she had and was content with her life. Which is why it was so much better that she got her happy ending.

5. Charlotte Web’s Wilbur and Charlotte – This was a gorgeous book with wonderful characters. Who wouldn’t want to meet the adorable Wilbur and his best friend Charlotte? Despite my fear of all things insect, I would definitely make an exception for these two.

6. To Kill a Mockingbird’s Finch Family – I fell in love with this family when I first read this book in middle school. It was required for school, but I never regretted it. (The movie was amazing as well.) Atticus Finch was a father that anyone would be lucky to have. And Scout and Jem would have been a lot of fun to play with as kids.

7. Ender’s Game Ender – I think that Ender would be a fascinating person to meet. Highly intelligent, rational, and yet young at heart when allowed to be. He was a great character to read about especially when he was younger.

8. The Heist Society’s Katerina Bishop and friends – Maybe it’s just my inner criminal, but I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a thief. What’s it like to crack a safe or pick a lot or steal a painting? Maybe that’s why I love movies and shows like that. (‘The Italian Job’ and ‘Leverage’, anyone?) This books was great in that the people doing this were teens! It’s like twice the fun! I would love to meet this group and maybe even join them on a job or two. :D

9. Frontier Magic’s Eff – This is a series based on an alternate history of America in which magic exists. :) The main character Eff is a girl that has grown up thinking she’s unlucky and cursed, and manages to be stronger than she ever gave herself credit for. In case you hadn’t noticed, I love a strong female character.

10. Winnie the Pooh – Who wouldn’t want to meet this cuddly bear? Everyone’s friend, kind and thoughtful. Even if he is a little forgetful and loves honey just a little too much, he would still be a great friend. And Tigger, too!

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