Grand Opening

May 14, 2012 by

Grand Opening

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    Hello and welcome to my new site! You may know me from, but I’ve recently moved on. ‘Sincerely Valerie’ is hopefully going to be a blog that will have the ability to grow and develop with me for a long time to come. I’ve had previous blogs but sometimes you just outgrow things and you need a new and fresh start. That is what this is going to be for me.


    I’ve hopefully planned out this site more carefully, so I’ll be able to post more regularly. I’ve been known to lag off of blogging for weeks if not months at a time. I really want that to be a thing of the past. I’m aiming to post at least 3 times a week and maybe work up to more posts a week as I get the hang of it. This blog will really be a test of how seriously I can take this. I want to more consistent as well as have quality content. Let’s cross our fingers. :)


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    So, while I plan to take this seriously, I also want to have fun with it! I’m completely open to constructive criticism. I want this place to be really great. ;) So comments and suggestions are always welcome. Again, hello to everyone! I hope to get to know all of you soon!


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  1. Ooh, congratulations on opening up a brand new site! I love the domain you chose, it’s super cute. >w<;

    Be sure not to over exert yourself when it comes to multiple bloggings per week, though! I used to blog every single day, but nowadays, I only blog once a week. Otherwise it all becomes extremely overwhelming and I end up letting my site go for months without a single new blog entry! x_X;

    So yeah, I say just do whatever feels right without letting the site turn into a cobweb! ^_~
    Mallory recently posted..9 May 2012My Profile

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