2nd Anniversay Giveaway!

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On May 14th, Sincerely Valerie will officially be 2 years old! I can’t believe it! In celebration I will be hosting a small giveaway! It’s not really big, because I’m definitely not rich. But it’s just a small assortment of items that I think are cute and enjoy. So I hope that you will like them, too. This giveaway will be a mixture of beauty and stationery items. Sorry guys! :D

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Included in the prize pack will be this Lilly Pulitzer makeup bag (which I wanted to keep, but I have way too many makeup bags), Sephora brand nail stickers in ‘Black Strass’, and 3 Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. The patterns are ‘Skinny Jeans’, ‘Misbehaved’, and ‘I Love Lacey’ (my favorite one!). I love nail stickers. No mess, no worrying about drying and in cute patterns that I could never replicate on my own. :D

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Also inlcuded are these stationery items. These are just things that I see out while shopping the stationery department and I just can’t wait away from. A Moleskine Volant ruled notebook, some magnetic bookmarks with woodland animals, fortune cookie erasers, and Dr. Suess erasers. And don’t forget the Hello Kitty journal sheets, Hello Kitty washi tape, and Hello Kitty pens! I bought some for myself, too. :D There are a couple of other things thrown in there as well.

I really hope that you enjoy this giveaway! Let me know what you think!

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All prizes in this giveaway were purchased or obtained by me personally. This is not a sponsored giveaway and it is not affiliated with any certain company.

March 2014: My Month in Numbers and Link Roundup

Hey guys! I’m so sorry for being away for so long. I really have no idea how time got away from me. I feel like the weeks have flown by! That said, I recently found a new way to review my month with numbers! I found it on a great blog, Notes on Paper. You can read more about it on her blog, but I basically summarize what happened to me during the month using numbers. I think this could be a regular feature that I could combine with my monthly link roundup. Tell me what you think about it!

Original Image by Josh Cantrell

7 weeks since my last blog post

As I said, I can’t believe it’s been so long! I feel like the year just started and here we are heading into April. What’s up with that? Time is moving way too fast and it needs to slow down. I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do. How is time moving for you?

6 1/2 weeks until my blog anniversary

I can’t believe that this blog has been here for almost two years already! I had a bit of a hiatus for a little while, but that’s ok. I’ve come a long way, I think. To celebrate the anniversary I’ve been thinking about having a little giveaway. It will be my first giveaway ever, so I’m really kind of excited for it to happen.

2 family members visited

My aunt and uncle came to visit for a few days. My uncle is a teacher and it was his spring break, so they came by for a little while at the beginning of his break. It was really fun! I just wish that I didn’t have to work while they were here. But I do have to go down to Florida for a graduation this summer, so I’ll get to see them and more of my family later. :) I can’t wait! I really need a vacation anyway.

60 invitations made

Speaking of graduations, I was tasked to make the invitations for my cousin’s high school graduation. I can’t believe she’s graduating! It makes me feel so old. :( Anyway, it was really great to make her invitations. I did the same for my sister’s college graduation a few years ago. I’m sorry, but those companies charge way too much for invitations, when you can easily do something nice on your own. They came out so cute, too!

9 trips to Starbucks made

While I do love Starbucks, for some reason this month I went way more than normal. For me anyway. It’s probably my recent addiction to their Awake Tea Latte. Perfect for the early morning jolt! Plus they also have that new shaken sweet tea. It’s sooooo good! I want one right now.

Image created at Canva

* Again, I have to share the link to Notes on Paper. I am stationery, paper, and notebook obsessed. I really love all of her blog posts, including her blog themed series. You should really check it out.

* Bloglint is a new social community for bloggers to connect with each other. They have just opened and I just joined. I can’t to see how it grows.

* The images I used for this post and the new layout for my blog were both made, at least in part, using Canva. I absolutely love it!! You can make gorgeous images using photos or using just their features. They have preset formats, such as a Facebook cover, presentation, or business card. Or you can use your dimensions and create something from scratch.

&& A Happy New Year Letter Exchange and Other Mail

Back in November I joined a holiday letter exchange hosted by Rin at Papered Thoughts. It was a themed exchange based around the New Year. My partner was Filicia who is a self-proclaimed snailmailer, doodler, and K-pop fangirl.

So, I checked my mailbox today and found the most amazing package! While it was a two part exchange, Filicia was unable to send the first part due to a personal issue. So she sent them both together. I have to say that she blew me away!

The first part was themed around New Years Eve. According to Filicia, she decided to incorporate some traditions of the Chinese New Year since she is of Chinese descent. I love the candies and goodies in the gorgeous packets! Aside from just candy she also included candles, glitter, and some lovely jasmine tea.

The second part of the exchange was based around happy thought and positive vibes. :) This package included an envelope filled with notes to help keep my spirits high. I also received a gorgeous little journal that I will definitely be using, a bookmark, origami cranes, a cute band-aid, and paper to make origami stars! I want to make the stars right now. lol

This makes the second thing I’ve received in the mail in the past couple of days. I also got a great letter from Christine a couple of days ago. :) I plan to write back as soon as possible. I love that stationery. :D And I love penpals!

Snow Days!

Don’t you miss when you were in school and you had those snow days? Here in the South, even the smallest bit of white on the ground and everything was closed! Of course, when I lived in Virginia and New York, it took a lot more snow to close schools there. But when they were closed we spent the entire time outside playing in snow! Snowball fights, sledding, snow angels, snowmen. I really miss being a kid sometimes. Especially today. Even with snow I am at work. Why can’t I still be a kid?

Of course this weather is affecting pretty much everyone here in America, darn Leon. How is the weather where you live?

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